What’s your flavour?

By Tonni Schmukler, illustration by Shifra Weinstein

Last year, I tried whipping up a batch of ice cream for Shavuous. I beat the eggs and sugar, chucked in the rest of the ingredients, put it in the freezer and waited. The next day, I took it out and the eggs had separated. Separated! Thankfully, it didn’t taste bad so the kids couldn’t really tell the difference. (“I made a special recipe this time… Two layers! One is hard and the other is soft. It’s delicious!” I saved face, and they agreed. ) Last week, with a little more experience, I tackled my ice cream phobia anew and beat up another batch. Lo and behold, it was delicious, if I may say so myself. So, yeah, this story has a good ending. When I was whipping up the ice cream, I asked my brother which flavour he wanted. After a moment of hesitation, he said vanilla. Honestly, I was wishing for something a bit more exotic like mango but vanilla’s yum, so who gives? And then I was thinking about the different flavours of ice cream and how our personalities are portrayed by them. So I came up with this quiz. Hope you enjoy!


1. Today is your lucky day! Your counselor asks you to plan an activity since the camp staff are just out of ideas. You plan…

A. A workshop with that famous graphologist I heard is in town. I’ve always wondered what type of handwriting I have. Besides, it will be a blast!

B. Shopping!!! Obviously, as a self-diagnosed shopoholic, Wal Mart is one of my favourite hang outs. I mean, unless, you’ve heard of an H&M up here in the country.

C. It’s positively BROILING up here, so I think a swim in our indoor pool is called for.

D. You’ve never been to La Ronde!? You are soo missing out!!! Rollercoasters, here we come!


2. Oy! Your friend caught the cold…in the heat.

A. I go on Chabad.org and search “Bikur Cholim.” After familiarizing mysrlf with articles, I visit her armed with comforting thoughts and inspiring sayings.

B. I saw the absolute CUTEST bow in Arden. She’s gonna LOVE it!

C. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hope you get better cuz I <3 u.” Card and balloons in hand, I run to entertain her.

D. She’s gotta get better. Happiness cures all illness. I run to buy her our favourite music CD. As I hand it to her, I realize that it’s the Three Weeks. Oops. I’ll go back tomorrow and buy her an acapella CD.


3. Mazel Tov! Mommy’s glowing baby’s growing. You now have the most adorable, cute, pretty and yum sister. Now, what to name her?

A. After a deep self-evaluation, I realize Sarah Imeinu was always my inspiration. Excited about my discovery, I run to tell my mother about the awesome gematria I just learned about the name and how it suits my sister.

B. Tzivia is just the prettiest girl’s name. The name is just totally LOVABLE and totally fits with her cutie dimples.

C. Bubby’s yartzeit was this week. Definitely another Chaya’le.

D. Creativity was always my forte. I love different names. You know, be a leader, not a follower. Parah Adima is calling her name.


4. Mommy’s birthday is tomorrow. And guess who’s in charge of the surprise party?Moi!

A. Mommy has always enjoyed Rabbi Friedman. Listen, I’m BFFs with his daughter so maybe he can drive in. You know, do me a favour. Mommy always complains about anything unhealthy, so the menu will be kale and salmon. Deliciously healthy!

B. Streamers… balloons…nosh – you name it, I’ll get it besides for anything healthy. For one day, Mommy should be health-free.

C. Quality vs. quantity. It will be a close family BBQ. Nothing OTT. Nice and pleasant bonding time.

D. Everyone’s invited! This is gonna be the Party of the Century. Bring it on, girls.

If you got…

Mostly As... You’re chocolate. Everyone’s addicted to you. Deep, sincere and sweet, you charm the masses. But you’ve got to remember to loosen up and have fun.

Mostly Bs.. You probably loved Strawberry Shortcake as a child. Childhood scars… they leave an impact forever. Anyways, you’re strawberrilly cute, yummy and crazy girly. You’re just so lovable and easy.

Mostly Cs… Vanilla: Straight, simple and to the point. You always try to do the right thing and are very family-oriented. Sometimes you’ve got to mix with others to get a boost.

Mostly Ds… Neapolitan is just all over the place. You enjoy having a good time. You try to be all-inclusive and everywhere, but sometimes end up tripping over your own flavours. Vanilla’s advice to you: try and take everything one step at a time. So that’s it. My musings for the day. Anyways, I’ve got to whip up some strawberry ice cream to complement the vanilla. Or do you think chocolate? But whatever it is, it’s going to be cool!