By Shterni Kesselman, illustrations by Tehilla Finkelstein

Have you ever wondered if you’re really daring or not? Like, after a huge final, you call yourself ‘daring’ for going through and surviving it…and then stopping yourself and thinking: wait! There must be more ways to figure out whether I really am daring, or not. And there are – on this very page.

Have fun!

1. The class bully is mocking the new girl’s outdated headband. Do you:

a) March right up to the new girl and compliment her headband in front of the bully

b) Wait until later to comfort the new girl

c) Say that ‘it’s not your business, so you won’t do anything’


2. You are in an amusement park, and there is an awesome-looking rollercoaster that goes backwards, upside down, and a 200 foot drop.

a) Run into the line and go on it

b) Decide that you’ll go on the roller coaster that doesn’t go upside down.

c) Roller coasters aren’t your thing… Stay on the side,and play Angry Birds on your phone


3. You notice a sign advertising a new art competition for girls your age to enroll in. Do you:

a) Straight away decide that you’ll join: you draw pretty well!

b) Decide that you’re garbage, and you’ll never win, so there’s no point bothering

c) Make a mental note to tell your talented friend about it


4. You’re going to the ice cream parlor with some friends. Do you order:

a) Hey, goji berry with pomegranate looks interesting – I’m gonna give that a shot!

b) You try something different for a change – maybe you’ll take strawberry this time?

c) Vanilla – your usual, safe bet and you know it’ll taste great!


5. You aunt just gave you a present – a neon yellow sweater with a picture of your favorite car – the Mini Cooper. It’s kinda cute and it’s super comfortable, but your friends are all wearing Hollister or Abercrombie. Do you:

a) Wear the sweater with pride, it’s fun to stick out from among all the black and navy

b) Wear the strawberry sweater at home, but  when out with friends wear your safe Hollister.

c) Thank your aunt, but donate the sweater to Salvation Army.


6. You always get stage-fright when acting. However, on the day of a grand performance, your friend (who acts out the punchline) begs you to take her place…her throat hurts and her voice is hoarse. Do you:

a) Tell her that you feel for her, and you’ll gladly help her

b) Offer to take over for the silent scenes, but she’ll have to find someone else for the speaking roles.

c) Tell her that you feel for her, but she should ask someone else… you really, really don’t do stages.


7. Your friend is laughing really hard, when the principal pops into the room. She can’t stop herself, and you’re not sure if she even knows that the principal is there. The principal hears the giggles but can’t find the culprit. You:

a) Start humming a song loudly, with the knowledge that you’ll get in trouble, in order to get her out of her trance

b) Give her a soft kick, and whisper in order to make her aware of the principal’s presence

c) Don’t bother telling her anything: she’s laughing, so why should I interfere?

8.You’re playing basketball outside when the ball goes over the fence into your angry neighbor’s backyard. Your neighbor has a large bulldog and you’re not too fond of dogs…

a) You take a deep breath and knock on your neighbor’s door, apologise for bothering her and ask if you can retrieve your ball…even though it means passing the dog.

b) You ask your neighbour if she would mind bringing the ball to you.

c) An angry neighbour AND a scary dog? Forget the ball… you’ll buy another one!


9. As part of a Chessed committee, your job is to visit the elderly in their apartments or nursing homes. Usually, one of the leaders would drive you to wherever you need to go. But this time you realize that you’d have to take the subway. Your parents decide that it’s safe; you’re already teenagers, after all! But one of your friends is too scared. You:

a) Try to convince her, saying that no danger is involved

b) Decide to go with the rest of your friends, while she stays home

c) Arrange for someone to drive the group, and everyone gives money to pay the fee,

Mostly A’s You’re a daredevil: like the cheeky little monkey who walked through the pile of thorns even though he could’ve just climbed over the tree above it. You’re not afraid to go against the tide or do something others may find scary. Be careful to use this trait only to help people and make sure nobody gets hurt in the process- including yourself!

Mostly B’s You take calculated risks.You help people, but at the same time, you definitely consider to what extent you’ll help them. In a way it’s good: when helping someone else, or doing anything, you first and foremost think about what will be convenient for you. But when someone is in need of desperate help, remember that now, they are important, too!
Mostly C’s – You play it safe. You like the familiar and have a fear the unknown. The plus side of playing it safe is that you know what to expect… But try something new once in awhile! You might discover some new experiences that are quite enjoyable!