1. What was Esther’s Hebrew name?

A) Hadassah

B) Miriam

C) Aviva

D) Esther was her only name

2. How was Mordechai related to Esther?

A) Uncle

B) Brother

C) Father

D) Cousin

3. How many sons is Haman mentioned as having?

A) Three

B) Seven

C) Ten

D) One

4. Why was Vashti banished?

A) Because she came to the king without being summoned

B) Because she didn’t come to the king when she was summoned

C) She wasn’t banished – she left by her own choice

D) Because she tried to kill the king

5. How many days did Esther fast?

A) Three

B) Seven

C) Ten

D) One

6. Who replaced Haman as chief advisor to the king?

A) Nobody – he decided he didn’t need a chief advisor

B) Esther

C) Mordechai

D) He called Vashti back and she became chief advisor

7. How did Haman choose the day on which he wanted to destroy the Jewish people?

A) He worked out how long it would take to get all the weapons he wanted together

B) He asked the king to choose a day

C) He drew lots

D) He asked his wife to choose a day

8. Who wrote the Megillah?

A) The king

B) Mordechai

C) Esther

D) Unknown

9. What are the four mitzvot (commandments) of Purim?

A) Eating a suedah (festive meal), hearing the Megillah read, giving tzedekah (charity), giving shaloch manot (gifts of food)

B) Dressing up, hearing the Megillah, giving tzedekah (charity), giving shaloch manot (gifts of food)

C) Singing, eating a suedah (festive meal), giving tzedekah (charity), giving shaloch manot (gifts of food)

D) Dressing up, singing, eating a festive meal, giving shaloch manot (gifts of food)

10. What was the primary reason Haman hated Mordechai so much?

A) Just because he was Jewish – he didn’t feel differently towards Mordechai than towards the other Jews

B) Because he was humiliated when the king made him honor Mordechai after Mordechai saved the king’s life

C) Because Mordechai wouldn’t bow down to Haman

D) Because Mordechai told Queen Esther that Haman was evil

11. What were the names of the two men Mordechai overheard plotting against the king?

A) Sonrad and Lenrich

B) Kinnar and Ronash

C) Malesh and Groldan

D) Bigtan and Teresh

12. What is Purim the anniversary of?

A) The day Esther went to the king and begged him to save her people

B) The day the Jewish people defended themselves from their enemies

C) The day after the Jewish people defended themselves, when they rested

D) The day of Esther’s wedding to the king

13. Where is the story of Purim set?

A) Persia

B) Israel

C) Egypt

D) Babylonia

14. In what century do most believe the story of Purim happened?

A) The first century BCE

B) The first century CE

C) The fourth century BCE

D) The fourth century CE

15. What was Haman’s punishment?

A) He was hung

B) He was banished

C) He was beheaded

D) He was thrown in a dungeon