Voice of Sarah Writing Contest


“The Life of Sarah” by Chana Raizel Fox

The Hebrew name Sarah can mean “noblewoman,” and that name definitely suited her.  Never giving up hope to have a child of their own to share their beliefs with.  Crying and begging until Hashem promised […]

“Our Mother Sarah Inspires Me…” by Rachael Tahir

When I think of our mother Sarah, I think of two people: Saar Harel and Sarah Orlin.  Saar Harel was one of my closest friends.  Saar was always so kind to everybody, just like our […]

Poem About Sarah Imeinu by Neshama Sari

Sarah Imeinu is an amazing mother, who I hope to be like one day She is such an inspiration – from her footsteps to her times to pray  She had three special miracles inside her tent: […]

She Saw My Light by Malkie Peiser

Deep in her tent, I smelled the bread baked and doughy like hers does Her candles are burning bright, shining in colors – rainbowed, chiffon light of love Walking through the sand I felt her […]

Sara by Blumi Marosov

Sara, my mother Your legacy has upheld thousands of generations Self-sacrifice through your pain When you gave up being the mother of nations Yet you were granted your dream and thus became Sara, my mother […]

Poem About Sarah Imeinu by Sorole Golomb

Sara Imeinu.  My mother. My Matriach. My role model. Whom I try to emulate. Not that we met Although our souls may have. Not that I tasted her loaves Fresh from the previous week. Not […]

Who Am I? by Feiga Khutoretsky

I’m at an age when I truly feel With confidence and yearning so real; I struggle to discover who I want to be It’s a balance of worlds and realities. One question with which I […]

Sarah Emainu by Hadassa Harrel

Sarah Emainu, the first Jewish woman and Avraham Avinu’s wife, was a remarkable woman, and an incredible role model for all young Jewish girls. Sarah Emainu inspires me in many ways. As we all know, […]

Sarah Imeinu by Rina Zarbakhsh

Sara Imeinu was very special.  Avraham and Sara would teach people about HaShem.  When Sara lit the candles for Shabbos, they would stay on till the next week.  When Sara baked challah it would stay […]

Poem About Sarah Imeinu by Adina B.

Sarah Imeinu sat in her tent   People came and went  Making food for all the guests Without even stopping to take a rest With a smile on her face Making sure it has good […]

Sarah Imeinu by Maital Tzipporah Leder

How does Sarah Imeinu inspire me?  When I think about it, I realize how many Mitzvot behind the scenes Sarah did.  She had to be ready for guests that Avraham brought at every minute of […]

Start by Elisheva Dulitz

I am a sprout starting to grow; There are so many things I want to know. Sara Imeinu is in my heart; I am a leader from end to start. There are so many things […]

The Sarah that Never Stopped by Sarah Nessya Wolfe

  A giggle Resembling the joyous echo Of glasses meeting With bewildered hope Sounded throughout a tent A four-doored dwelling In the dusty desert Belonging to Abraham, our Patriarch And Sarah, our Matriarch The Sarah […]

The Grand Tour of Sarah Imeinu’s Life by Tzivia Osdoba

Of a special woman’s life, you’ll now get a tour; Just come and step in, right through the wide open door! Sarah Imeinu is an example for us all; Her incredible Middos are known far […]

Her Legacy – A Poem about Sarah by Mushka Newman

Sara our mother, our matriarch, our leader Her beauty would shine from inside to out A big role model from her there is so much we can learn The seeds of kindness in the world […]

The Eternal Light by Sarah Emily Baum

The most profound testament to Jewish resilience I have ever seen was only slightly bigger than the palm of my hand. My teacher placed the photo photograph on my desk; it was a landscape he […]

Dear Beloved Daughters by Emmy Simon

Dear Beloved Daughters, My dear daughters, you are each your own beautiful you. Don’t change yourself because of someone else. If you want to change, change for you. Don’t ever forget to be yourself, and […]