When I think of our mother Sarah, I think of two people: Saar Harel and Sarah Orlin.  Saar Harel was one of my closest friends.  Saar was always so kind to everybody, just like our mother Sarah.  Sarah Orlin is a member of our community whom everybody likes; and like our mother Sarah, she has a lot of kindness and hospitality.  Sarah always welcomed people into her home and insisted that they have something to eat.  Both of these Jewish women inspire me to do amazing things and emulate the ways of our matriarchs.  Our mother Sarah inspires me not only to be kind to others, but also to always take time to pray to Hashem.  I emulate her by saying if something is not going the way I want, I can pray to Hashem and He will do what He feels will be best.  Sarah always lit up her tent with the light of Judaism, to keep it pure and holy.  I am inspired by Sarah to invite people into my home and do other mitzvot to light up our world, which can clean it up, so it can be pure and holy like Sarah’s tent.  With these acts her legacy is carried on by me and all Jewish girls, with our strong davening to Hashem that will bring Moshiach that much sooner.

—Rachael Tahir, Age 17
K12 International Academy
Simi Valley, California, USA