The Hebrew name Sarah can mean “noblewoman,” and that name definitely suited her.  Never giving up hope to have a child of their own to share their beliefs with.  Crying and begging until Hashem promised that they would have a child.  When she had a baby, the promise was fulfilled.  From the beginning, Sarah was involved with Yitzchak’s Chinuch even more then Avraham.  Always modest as she stayed in her tent when the three angles came to visit, and her windows faced no other.  In the Torah there is a portion called “The Life of Sarah,” which sounds a bit strange because it speaks about Sarah’s death.  What it’s trying to tell us is that all one hundred and twenty-seven years of her life, she lived each moment to its fullest, supporting her husband through his work.  “Behind every great man is a great woman”:  Avraham couldn’t have done the great work he did without someone giving him support and courage to continue.  I can continue Sarah’s legacy by never giving up hope in a challenge that I may have, and to be modest like her.


—Chana Raizel Fox, Age 12
Bnos Menachem
Brooklyn, New York, USA