Sara, my mother
Your legacy has upheld thousands of generations
Self-sacrifice through your pain
When you gave up being the mother of nations
Yet you were granted your dream and thus became
Sara, my mother

Sara, my role model
You stood by your husband’s side
With care and devotion you taught
You became the woman’s spiritual guide
Your warmth and compassion they all sought
Sara, my role model

Sara, the prophetess
G-d said your level even by Abraham wasn’t surpassed
You were the one who should lead them in the right direction
Your belief in god eternally steadfast
You were the model of a women’s inborn perception
Sara, the prophetess

It’s you Sara, my mother who led me here today
It’s you Sara, my role model who I try to follow in your way
It’s you Sara, the prophetess who’s message you’ve managed to relay

—Blumi Marosov, Age 15
Bnos Menachem
Brooklyn New York, USA