Sarah Emainu, the first Jewish woman and Avraham Avinu’s wife, was a remarkable woman, and an incredible role model for all young Jewish girls. Sarah Emainu inspires me in many ways. As we all know, she was a big Tzadekes who had all the attributes a Bas Yisroel can possibly desire and acquire. I try to follow in her footsteps by being the best I can be, and teaching my younger sisters to work on themselves in every way possible, so they, too, can be Tzidkaniyos. She was known to be kind and generous and I try to be like her by giving Tzedaka when I can, and by helping my mother host guests in the most welcoming way possible. Her life was focused around creating a holy atmosphere in her tent, and in the world. She baked Challos, lit Shabbos candles, and because of her loyalty to Hashem, the Shechina was always on her tent. It’s safe to say she was the ultimate Jewish mother and loved uplifting the atmosphere in her home. However, even when Avraham Avinu told her that Hashem commanded them to leave their land, the only home she ever knew, she didn’t protest or ask where they were going… She just left without any questions or doubts (“Lech Lecha”). This is perfect Emunah and I too try to always have faith in Hashem no matter what. We also know that Sarah Emainu was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. My appearance might be important to me, but I learn from her that my true beauty comes from within, and by working on my Midos and having Ahavas Yisrael, I reveal that beauty. Another fascinating story about Sarah is how when she saw Yishmael hurting her son Yitzchak, she made the smart but difficult decision to send Yishmael and his mother Hagar away. I hope that one day I will also make smart decisions for my children even if they seem difficult.


Everyone who entered Avraham’s tent
Was fed to their heart’s content
The meals were prepared by Sarah, his wife
To Torah, she dedicated her life
They spoke of Hashem all around the world
Avraham teaching men, Sarah teaching the girls
Above their tent, the Shechina would rest
While Challos she baked that were simply the best
We can all learn from Sarah our mother
A Tzadekes like her, there’s simply no other


—Hadassa Harrel, Age 11
Ahavat Yisrael Bnot Bet Shemesh
Bet Shemesh, Israel