Parshas Vayeira Inspiration by Malkie Peiser

BS”D As we enter this week’s Parsha, Vayeira, Hashem sends three angles to visit Avraham.  Despite his frailness he still does what he always would do – welcome guests; but these guests aren’t just here […]

Parshat Vayeira: Giving Room to Run… and Grow

BS”D Good Shabbos to everyone! I dedicate these divrei Torah as a zechus for a blessed and speedy Refuah Sheleima for Rochel bas Daniella Dshoar. *************************************** In the closing of last week’s parsha of Lech […]

Parshas Vayera Song

BS”D Tune: בך ה’ חסיתי *************************** Hashem told Avraham, Take your only son, Bring him up as a Korban, Avraham got up early, And saddled His donkey, To fulfill Hashem’s plea. The Satan tried to make […]