As we enter this week’s Parsha, Vayeira, Hashem sends three angles to visit Avraham.  Despite his frailness he still does what he always would do – welcome guests; but these guests aren’t just here for a visit, but to share some exciting news: that Sarah will give birth to a child despite her maternal age.

Can you imagine inviting a stranger into your house and sharing your dinner with them?  It is said that Kindness toward those who may be less fortunate than you, is the reality for us – the children of the home.  It only takes a you compassion and brotherliness to host a homeless stranger, who might be different or act differently than what you might be used to.  This example is the essence of what we can exemplify in true humanity and love of our fellow man. 

If we take a deeper look, how would one define philanthropy in today’s world?  Would define it as “Make me famous,” or would you define it as “I don’t have much, but I’ll do this because it’s an important mitzvah in order for Bnei Yisrael to continue growing and thriving in their Jewish education”?  Say you wanted to be like this famous actress, singer, or dancer, just so you can make yourself so well known on the news and popular, and go to Music City like everyone else.

My dear JGU sisters, as we get older and continue to do more in our lives, it’s very important that we take a step back and think, “Why was I put here and what is my purpose in life?”  If we take a step further and talk it through, we see that today’s needs will always be different than yesterday’s, along with the measures to cope as well.  However, you might be curious if is a possible tendency to avoid the involvement in another’s misfortune?  No!  You were put in this world not to make yourself famous, but to do good in this world.  Money might make you good on the outside, but it’s definitely not what truly exemplifies you.  Those who are truly well-known are those who work towards it, and do it because they know it’s what Hashem wants for them; they’re doing it for His honor.  Instead of worrying about being rich and famous, do something for others like Avraham and Sarah did – by their warmth and hospitality in every act of kindness; by starting small and working their way, as we learn the host is no less than the guest.

Recently, I decided to take on the mitzvah of Hachnasos Orchim, consider stretching beyond my comfort zone, and be around people who may look and act different than what I’m used to.  Through reaching out towards others like many other Shluchas, I want to work my way into being the Shlucha who opens up towards others as others would to open up to me.  Always remember, Jewish girls, to treat those the way you want be treated; others follow and treat you the same the way you had treated them first.  A little bit of Kindness goes a long way, as giving love and kindness can brighten one’s day.

In this lesson we can earn

In order for us all to learn

To make ourselves to live up to

In order for us to thrive to

You can be the greatest and the best

But can you be someone put to the test

Like Avraham and Sarah were many times

We too can do it and thrive

True fame is what defines our inner selves

What defines our inner souls lit up as beautiful as shabbos candles by a shelf   

Like Jewish girls are the hosts of all our guests

To do our part and all be blessed

We each have a purpose in this world

To shine our inner light as bright as lillies that twirled   

We are indeed carrying on Avraham and Sarah’s legacy

To be the future women and girls happy and chancy

As I learned what is right isn’t always popular

And what’s popular isn’t always what’s right

Avraham and Sarah showed me to always host those in need

To also be the one walks all walks of life, continue on a journey  

To always accept the task and not be shy or only accompanied

I also learned not to say you want to do this just so you’ll be popular

Give to others and you’ll see how you can be as smiley as a smiler

Have a great Shabbas!