Project Lashon Hara by Chana Mandella (Part #1)

“Project Lashon Hara – now that has a ring to it, doesn’t it?”  Chaya smiled.  She had been working to get this project started for how long now?  Five, maybe six years? Chaya’s ingenious plan […]

Introducing… Finish-the-Story!!!

BS”D This week, May 6/Iyar 21, Creative Online Club was transformed into an open meeting serving a two-fold purpose:  The JGU Magazine Team planned and arranged for our upcoming Shavuot Global Voices e-Magazine; and all […]

Historical Fiction Story by Chaya Mushka Kievman

BS”D  Dear Diary, The train’s whistle exhales every time I let out my shaky, sucked- in breath. As the train travels from Russia to some unknown destination, my thoughts go back to the fateful moment […]

Spark in the Night: A Chanukah Short-Story by Tzipporah Prottas

“Hadara,” whimpered my 4 year old sister, Tzofiya, as she squeezed my hand tighter.  “Hadara– the city’s scary when it’s dark!” I was my younger sibling’s ‘street-crossing buddy’, as my family navigated the twisting streets, […]

The Magen David Necklace Part 2 Mushka Rothman

Miriam boarded the airplane. She took her seat in the plush chair that only airplanes have, and carefully fastened her buckle. She watched the practiced flight attendants demonstrate the safety techniques. The thought of jumping […]

Escape from Egypt

“Wake up, Ariel! We haven’t got a minute to lose,” Ima shouts from the kitchen.  I am still sleeping on my mat in the other room. Groggily, I open my eyes and blink until they […]