For three days Shifra stayed at Efrat’s tent. She got to meet Efrat’s sweet family. They were all very nice and welcoming, especially her mother.

For three days Shifra was forced to do backbreaking labor. Before nightfall on the third day, Shifra said to Efrat, “I can’t. I just can’t anymore, I am not strong like you are. I think I have to go back home.”

Efrat didn’t ask any questions. She stared at the floor and then raised her deep, brown eyes to meet Shifra’s light blue ones. “I’ll miss you,” she said softly.

“I’ll miss you ask well,” Shifra said, and she meant it. Efrat was a real friend. So genuine and sincere. Shifra massaged her aching back and then stuck her hand in her pocket, just to make sure. The metal piece was still there.

“Shifra, before you leave, I have to take you somewhere,” Efrat said. Shifra nodded. She trusted Efrat. Together they stepped outside and into the cool night air. They came to a stop outside a small tent, identical to Efrat’s tent and to all of the other Jewish families’ tents. Efrat knocked a small plank of wood positioned outside the entranceway. She then quickly walked away.

“Efrat, wait!” Shifra wanted to call, but the door had already opened. Shifra gasped. Standing before her was a beautiful women. But more than being beautiful, the woman radiated goodness and pureness. She looked holy.

Without knowing how or why, Shifra knew. This was Miriam. Miriam Haneviah, Miriam the prophetess.
Miriam smiled at Shifra. Her kind eyes looked deep into Shifra’s soul.

“Shifra,” Miriam said in a soft, pleasant voice. “Always remember that you are special. You have a special tafkid, a special mission in this world, and Hashem wants you to find out what it is. Always remember that in whatever situation Hashem places you in, you can succeed. I wish you much hatzlacha on your journey.”

“Thank you,” Shifra whispered.

“Here,” Miriam handed Shifra a small, silver mirror. “Every time you use this mirror, remember what I told you.”
“Thank you,” Shifra said again, her feelings too strong for words.

Miriam waved and softly shut the flaps of the tent.

Shifra knew that it was time to return back. Lifting the square from her pocket, Shifra once again pressed the purple button.

To be continued…