Shifra was seated on her bed bright and early Sunday morning. She had more than an hour to log in for school, now she had time to feast her eyes on the spectacular Argentinian view from outside the window.

That’s one perk of living here, Shifra thought. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that view.

The glowing sun sat nestled in between two tall, grassy mountains. The cows were already awake and grazing in the lush, green grass. Two calves were frolicking along, seemingly playing a game of tag with each other.

Shifra was lucky that her room faced the gorgeous view outside. Their house, stationed beside all that loveliness, hadn’t been cheap. But as Tatty always said- “I’ll pay anything in the world to be able to help other Jewish souls yearning to get closer to their creator.”

Shifra sighed. She agreed with her father, but it was still hard.

At exactly 4:06 pm the phone rang. Without even looking, Shifra knew that it was Nechi, her BFF. Nechi finished school at 4:00 everyday, and it took her five minutes to walk home. The first things she usually did as soon as she got home was call Shifra.

“Hi Nech!” Shifra said into the phone.

“Hi!” Nechi said, sounding even more exuberant than usual, if such a thing was possible. “Guess what?” And without waiting for an answer, Nechi continued. “There’s a Dina Feldman concert tonight and I’m going along with Ruthie and Esther!”

Shifra couldn’t believe it. Dina Feldman was huge. Ever since Shifra was eight years old, it was her dream to attend a Dina Feldman concert.

“No way!” Shifra shrieked.

“I know, right? Although I really wish you could come along,” Nechi’s voice sobered up. “I’ll really miss you.”

Shifra’s previous excitement for her friend slowly leaked away. She wanted to be there as well. It just wasn’t fair. Shifra felt a hot tear slowly snaking its way down her face.

But then her eyes lit upon a certain heavy little metal square…