Shifra was finally talking to Janet, alone. She had no idea when Janet was due back, but she didn’t ask. Ma had warned her to keep to appropriate subjects, but apparently she trusted Shifra- and Janet for that matter- because she didn’t say much else.

Shifra quickly came to the realisation that Janet was an excellent listener. In fact, Shifra thought in delight, she is probably the person I’ve always needed to talk to! It was as if Hashem had sent Janet especially for Shifra.

Shifra found herself pouring out all of her worries to Janet, of how lonely she felt and of how she missed her family and friends back home.

By Motzai Shabbos, Janet was still there. What is she still doing here? Shifra wondered in puzzlement. Didn’t she have to go back to the hotel; back to her friends? Well apparently not!

As if reading her thoughts Janet said to everyone- “I have to go really soon, but I wanted to thank you so much for having me! You literally opened up a whole new world for me and I am extremely grateful.”

“It was our pleasure!” Ma said, and Shifra knew that she meant it. “You are welcome to come next Shabbos as well.”
“I think I might take you up on that offer,” Janet said with a smile.

“Shifra,” Janet turned to Shifra with a look of… hmm, Shifra couldn’t put her finger on it. “Do you mind coming with me for a minute? I have something to show you.”

“Can I come too?” Meir asked eagerly.

Shifra looked at Janet helplessly.

“Right now I want to show something just to Shifra, but then I’ll show something just to you. Ok?”

“Ok,” Meir replied, looking pleased with the deal. He then scampered off.

Janet led Shifra to the guest room where her belonging were. She opened up her suitcase and rummaged inside for a few minutes. Finally, she triumphantly lifted something up and deposited it in Shifra’s hands.

“What is this?” Shifra sked blankly.

To be continued…