Chana Mandella


The Geula Campaign! by Esther Mandella

Deuteronomy Chapter 3 23 I entreated the Lord at that time, saying, 24 “O Lord God, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand, for who is [like] God in heaven […]

FBI Investigations part 3!!!!

Yenta, quickly said B”H, I am good!  I watched her pull up some sort of video, it looked like a bank security camera had filmed it.  Was it a bank robbery?  Why would the FBI need […]

In The Desert and Loving It!

Bamidbar Numbers 1:1–4:20 Have you ever heard a friend say, “I am in the desert right now?” Have you ever used those words? Are you going through a desert right now? Well, you just might […]