It was a normal day. Officer Greenberg was on parking duty again!  This officer was a simple patrol woman, of the age of 19.  She looked up and saw a man not much older then her.  Though he looked nice enough, she felt like he meant trouble for her, BIG trouble!  Trying to give her self ease, of mind she strode over to her fellow officer. This officer’s name was Rubin, Rivka Rubin that is.  Rivka and Silka (officer Greenberg) were best friends since childhood.  Silka told Rivka about this man who gave her a very uneasy feeling.  Rivka looked at him for a second, then turned to Silka.  Its okay Silka, Rivka said, “I will keep an eye on him.  You go on break.”  I didn’t hesitate this time.  I quickly walked to the break room.  It wasn’t too much time until the door burst open!  I turned around, to be face to face with that suspicious man!  He looked at me as if this was a simple visit!  All of a sudden he reached in side his jacket, I was sure this was my end!  To my greatest surprise he pulled out his wallet!  He opened it and showed me something.  It was a . . . FBI officer’s badge!  He quickly said, “Officer Gold of the FBI.”  He handed me a paper and said, “meet me at this location” it was on the slip of paper he handed me.  “Come in your everyday clothes.”  “And tell no one.”  Before I had a chance to reply he left.  I knew my suspicions were not failing me this time!

. . . to be continued

Hi, I am Chana.  I love writing, singing, dancing & acting.  I hope you enjoy my stories!