Numbers 1:1–4:20

Have you ever heard a friend say, “I am in the desert right now?” Have you ever used those words? Are you going through a desert right now? Well, you just might be in the perfect place for Hashem to do a major work in your life!

Our ancestors, famously, had their desert experience too! Free from Mitzrayim they entered the wilderness.  They were as one awaiting the gift of the Torah from Har Sinai.  The Torah is not only an external gift but one we are to take inside to wash us from the inside out!

In the desert we need such a washing! We are to crave for Hashem’s Word like a deer pants for water.  Hashem gave us the Torah in the desert so we could see Hashem will reach into our lives no matter where we are.  Perhaps being in the desert is the perfect place to be to hear Hashem speak to us in a special way!

So look up, quench your thirst, walk with our patriarchs and matriarchs and receive Torah inside of you today!

By Esther Mandella.  Esther is an Orthodox Gal who loves Hashem and her amazing family!