“Pouring Geula” by Malkie Peiser

BS”D Bring the Redemption light Light the fire Give me the strength to take me higher See the G-dliness See Hashem’s glory See the potential of the kings’ worthy Give us free will Give us […]

NEW Virtual Pre-Tisha b’Av Farbrengen by Tzipporah Prottas

BS”D Enjoy this virtual pre-Tisha b’Av Farbrengen, originally made for the ladies of Congregation Achei Yosef, Norwich, CT, on Shabbos Parshas Mattos-Massei 5778. For women and girls only, please. The Farbrengen is primarily based on […]

Tisha B’Av and the Coming of Moshiach – Inspiration by Malkie Peiser

Author’s Note: We may advise that younger girls read this selection with a parent or trusted older mentor, as suffering and tragedy are discussed, and may evoke mildly graphic images. ********************************* Have you ever wondered what […]

Susan’s take on the Passover Story and the Redemption

Susan’s take on the Passover Story and the Redemption Nechama: “We’re on our way to our final Redemption!” Susan Axelrod: [uncharacteristically timid] “Um, Nechama. I still sort of don’t really get that whole Redemption thing.” […]