Bring the Redemption light

Light the fire

Give me the strength to take me higher

See the G-dliness

See Hashem’s glory

See the potential of the kings’ worthy

Give us free will

Give us pleasure

Let us make possible better

Soar through the cold

Leap for the warmth

Crush the silver

Bring in the gold

Be the shining star that’s not shy but that’s within the true heart

Give us unity

Give us strength

To fight this Gallus

We are an army

And what do we need to do to stand among the few of many

Sometimes we feel like a box 

Where our physical world is bricked in 

Where sometimes it’s too hard to see the purity of this world within

Please Moshiach, hear our cries 

You are the one to end this terror of war beyond our own very eyes

Remove this bad and give us the good 

The redemption is here, come and look 

A person so tall and strong to help free us from exile 

We won

Now we’re here in the land of our dreams 

Eretz Yisrael is the key 

With riches, milk and honey 

Giving us plenty of wealth and money

Feel proud to be where we are 

Now it’s all up to you, Bnei Yisrael, to do your part

We are waiting for you, Moshiach 

As we celebrate next year in Jerusalem with our sisters and brothers chanting songs loud and proud