Parshat Shemos: Home Sweet Home

BS”D I dedicate these divrei Torah b’zechut Yitzchak Levi haCohen ben Chana, for a blessed and speedy refuah sheleima. ********************************************** Last Tuesday, I had the good fortune of being able to participate in a little […]

Painting of Jewish Women with Their Timbrels by Yaffah Ferber

BH Yaffah Ferber, age 13, from Norwich CT, had a wonderful time shining her inner light of creativity in this vibrant painting. The beautiful blends, artistic figures, and intricate flowers, are all brought together in […]

Susan’s take on the Passover Story and the Redemption

Susan’s take on the Passover Story and the Redemption Nechama: “We’re on our way to our final Redemption!” Susan Axelrod: [uncharacteristically timid] “Um, Nechama. I still sort of don’t really get that whole Redemption thing.” […]

What is Miriam’s Drum?

What is Miriam Drum? It is best understood when Miriam waited until Moses was finished with his shir. Then she “took a drum in her hand, and all the women went out after her with drums […]