Lessons from Sarah by Perel Gordon

Our first Matriarch Sarah inspires me in many ways. When I think of Sarah I think of a beautiful, elegant, modest, kind and caring woman.  All men and especially women look up to her for […]

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….”

BS”D Dedicated l’ilui nishmas and in loving memory of Mireille Knoll a”h. ************************************ Just yesterday, Monday, I had my wisdom teeth removed.  At least the bottom two, that is.  My mouth is small, and susceptible […]

Parshat Tzav: Wonder Bread

BS”D I dedicate this parsha-post as a zechus for a refuah sheleima for Shaina bas Chaya Mushka. *************************************** In this week’s sidra of Tzav, the inauguration-rituals of Aharon and his sons as Kohanim begin, and […]