Our first Matriarch Sarah inspires me in many ways. When I think of Sarah I think of a beautiful, elegant, modest, kind and caring woman.  All men and especially women look up to her for guidance and when they are in need of a role model.  We all know of the great miracles that happened when Sara was around, that showed how special she was.

The candles that Sara lit on Friday night stayed lit from week to week.  To me, that shows when Sarah would do something, it lasted.

The second miracle was that the Challah that she baked for Shabbos stayed fresh.  To me. that shows women of our days do things for their families, like cooking and baking.  We women keep our family together.  We are known as the Akeres Habayis.

The third miracle was that the Shechina rested over Sarah’s tent.  This shows me that Hashem is always with us, helping and guiding us on the right path.  Just because we cant see the Shechina doesn’t mean that it’s not there looking after us.

Another outstanding quality that Sarah had was her modesty.  That did not hold her back.  A lot of times people these days ask me why I am wearing such long shirts and skirts when it’s so hot outside?  After being asked so many times, it gets in your head, and you start asking these questions on your own.  When that happens, I like to think about Sarah Imeinu, and see that she did it, when things were a lot harder.  So, I can definitely do it now!


— Perel Gordon
Bais Rebbe Junior High
Woodland Hills, California, USA