Elul Poem by Chaya Mushka Kievman

BS”D There was once a king who was getting old. “I am giving you a test”, the king to his son told. “If you overcome it,  all my money you will own, You will also […]

Parshat Shoftim: “King Me!”

BS”D Good Shabbos!  This parsha-post is dedicated as a refuah sheleimah for Mubarka Hussein. ********************************** We are very fortunate to have leaders.  In fact, they are vital.  Quoting Hillel haZakein (Hillel the Elder) in Pirkei […]

Private Time with the King by Rivka Herszberg

Imagine you had a private audience with the king. What would you do? Would you waste it?! Or would you spend your time wisely speaking to the King when he is closely listening? Lighting candles […]