Imagine you had a private audience with the king. What would you do?

Would you waste it?! Or would you spend your time wisely speaking to the King when he is closely listening?

Lighting candles is just the same. You are standing before the King. It’s your time, when you light Shabbos candles, to tell Hashem whatever you want. This is your special opportunity. Candle lighting is a special time for women and girls to talk to Hashem privately and closely for as long as they want.

When I light candles, I think about the week behind me and see what I want for the next week to be better. I ask Hashem anything I want. I ask for Moshiach and think about anything that has bothered me over the past week and I ask Him to fix it.

It is a time when you are welcoming in the Shabbos Queen and your neshama yeseira, additional soul. What a wonderful opportunity!

Wishing all Jewish women and girls the strength to take advantage of this special time and beautiful mitzvah to its fullest.

Rivka Herszberg, Age 8
Beth Rivkah Primary
Melbourne, Australia