Do you want to change the world?
Do you want to turn the world into good forever? Do you want there to be an ending to all suffering, corruption, terror and destruction? Do you want to succeed in everything and have your wishes fulfilled? You can make it happen. The ingredient that makes it so is simple. The solution is davening. All you need to do is open your siddur, say the words, and look inside. There are tons of stories of ordinary, simple people, like me and you whose teffilos pierced the heavens and annulled a huge decree hanging over them. We don’t even have an idea of how big of an impact our tefillos can have on the world. The Jewish people were saved in the story of Purim because of the teffilos of the Jewish Children. Isn’t it amazing that the teffilos of a few Jewish children had such a big impact that it saved the entire Jewish nation?
The way Hashem tells us to daven in the Torah is by telling us to serve Hashem with all our heart and soul. This teaches us that davening is the service of Hashem with the heart. Hashem doesn’t expect of us to be the most fluent davener; Hashem just expects us do daven with all our heart- with feeling, with sincerity, with love and wholeheartedness. The main thing is quality, not quantity. Davening isn’t a burden. It’s a privilege and opportunity not to miss. How? Imagine. The Queen of England told you that from now on, every single day, you can come to her, talk to her and ask her for whatever you wish and it’ll be granted. How would you feel? Excited? Thrilled? Wouldn’t you feel honored that you- ordinary you- can have the privilege of talking to the Queen? That you were chosen from the millions of people she rules over- and that you can be granted anything you want and all you have to do is ask politely? Hashem, King of Kings, Whom we can’t even fathom how Great He Is, Who we depend on to exist, Gives us the special opportunity to talk to Him and ask Him for everything every day. We are so lucky we can talk to Him and have a relationship with Him, unlike other kings. When we are going through hard times or start our day nervous about how it will go, davening gives us the chance to pour our heart to Hashem and He will listen to us. Sometimes we are lacking emunah, but davening strengthens our emunah and strengthens our bitachon that Hashem is everywhere, as we say especially in the -הללוי-הs how involved Hashem is in the world. We know the famous pisgam of “ani ledodi v’dodi li”. All we need to do is ask, and then Hashem will abundantly give us, and answer us, and give us a kesiva vachasima tova leshana tova umesuka.  Davening is really a privilege for us. Hashem wants our teffilos and is waiting to hear us. Just open a needle’s eye, just start trying to improve to daven with kavana and Hashem will surely help you.