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What an exciting occasion! After 7 long years of laboring as a shepherd for Lavan’s sheep, Yaakov was finally going to marry the one his heart was set on, Rochel, Lavan’s daughter.  The long-awaited moment arrived. But behold! His dear Rochel was not the bride tonight, Rochel’s sister Leah was standing in her place! The evil Lavan played a nasty trick and switched the girls’ positions! Before the wedding, Yaakov prepared 3 questions to ask Rochel as signs to indicate that it was indeed her. Rochel knew of her father’s wicked scheme, and realized that Leah wouldn’t know the answers to Yaakov’s questions. How embarrassing that would be! So Rochel selflessly shared the signs with her sister Leah to spare her much humiliation.

Wow. What a lesson we can learn from Rochel! She wanted to marry Yaakov so badly, and yet she wasn’t busy thinking about her own loss, but how she could save her sister from shame! Rochel is the epitome of giving and selflessness – no personal benefit involved. Is there an area in your life where selflessness can play a role?