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Esav barged into the house grumbling in hunger, demanding for food. His younger twin brother Yaakov was cooking up some red lentil soup. Yaakov was willing to grant his brother a meal, but asked him for the birthright in exchange. Tall order, no? Esav didn’t think twice: “Behold, I am going to die; so why do I need this birthright?” He chose instant gratification over long-term satisfaction. He gave into his pleasure at the moment, and thereby lost his huge privilege, the birthright. Yaakov seized the opportunity to get the blessings.

We have so many temptations around us, and we crave those moments of enjoyment. Challenge yourself! Try to give up that pleasure of the moment for what you know is right and true, and will give you long-term satisfaction. Maybe it means not joining the interesting gossip conversation, holding yourself back from looking at the other girl’s test paper, or staying away from the donut.  It is a hard task, no doubt about it. But the blessings are so worth it.