Jumping into the blazing fire, one of Avraham’s ten tests from G-d, caused a great commotion from the people who watched in amazement. Many eyes were upon him, marveling at his greatness and devotion to G-d. The first nine tests that G-d commanded of Avraham brought him much honor and respect from the onlookers. But something was different about Avraham’s tenth test. G-d requested of him to do it, as opposed to commanding. “Please take your son, your only one, whom you love, Isaac…bring him up there for a burnt offering on one of the mountains…” Avraham technically had a choice. Yet, he sprang into action without delay!

This time though, Avraham was alone. Nobody was watching. He went without questions and humility before G-d, to sacrifice his beloved only son. There were no onlookers being inspired by his holiness. There was no motivation from the admiring looks in the eyes of the people. No eyes. And THAT is what was so great about it. Avraham was fulfilling G-d’s request simply because it was right. He did it out of his tremendous love for G-d, even though he would gain no honor or attention.

We can learn from this act of Avraham the beauty in doing something just because it’s right, and because it’s what G-d wants. Not because people will admire you, shower praises upon you, or think you are great. Challenge yourself! Do one kind thing every day that nobody knows about. Just for G-d. In that lies real greatness. Try it. It’s between you and Him.