Mrs. Wendy Berezovsky began a nonprofit organization to give new pajamas to children who unfortunately have to be in the hospital. Wendy’s organization is called Sweet Dreams for Kids.  They  help children feel more at home at a place they don’t wish to call home.


Q: When did you begin this organization, and what made you want to start this program?

A: We started Sweet Dreams for Kids in 2008.  My youngest child, Chaya Dalya, was born with cancer.  B”H, she is now 8 years old and our little walking miracle.  I knew I had to do something good with the nightmare that we had been through. I wanted to make a difference and help bring smiles. I wanted to give new pajamas to the kids that have to be in the hospital.  Also, I offer my love and support to any family that is going through difficult medical situations, as I don’t want anyone to feel alone.


Q: What age are the children that you help? Where is your program based?

A: We help kids ranging from birth all the way to teens. Our program is based in Minnesota.


Q: I read that your motto is “We want to take the ick out of being sick”. Why is that your motto and can you explain a little bit about how giving pajamas helps to take the ick out of being sick?

A:  Giving a new pair of pajamas, instead of the hospital ones, brings smiles to kids and makes them feel a little bit more at home.  The new pajamas are a way to make them feel more comfortable and may help them forget for just a moment about the difficult situation they are in.


Q: Why did you specifically choose pajamas as a form of helping children rather than toys or something else?

A: I really went by my heart.  When I saw my baby in hospital pajamas, it was a constant reminder that she was sick.  When I put on a cute and cozy pair, it brought a little more warmth to the room.  I really wanted to do something different and hope we are touching each child’s heart.


Q: How many hospitals and businesses participate in the “Sweet Dreams for Kids” program?

A: The number is constantly growing.  We have donated over 10,000 pairs of new pajamas nationwide.  I have businesses, schools, youth groups, families, and religious organizations who reach out to me when they are looking for a nonprofit to help.

Q: How do you find out about sick children that could use your help?

A: People have learned about us when we have been featured on our local news stations, various publications, and from families spreading the word after receiving pajamas from us.  Once people find out about what we do, they contact me through email or facebook.  I send out individual pajama packages for the people that contact me directly (they get a new pair of pajamas, always with a handmade card made by my kids included).  The other way we reach the children in the hospital is when I make deliveries to our local hospitals or others who do the same at their local hospitals.  I wish I could personally meet each child that receives pajamas from us, as each child is very special to me.


Q: Do you have people that work for you to help make this program run smoothly or do you do it on your own?

A: It is just our family.

Q: Are you the person who delivers all of the pajamas or does the person that donates the pajama deliver it?

A: I do give people the option to deliver them by themselves or we deliver the pajamas locally.  I deliver the pajamas to our local hospitals in Minnesota with my little sweethearts, Reuven, Eliana, and Chaya Dalya.  They love helping me bring in all the pajamas knowing they will make so many kids smile.

When people collect pajamas in other states, I give them the option to send them to me, or I contact their local Children’s hospital and coordinate a delivery so they can experience the joy in making the donation.

Q: If people would like to help and donate to this wonderful organization, how can that be done?

A: The best way is to email me or message me on facebook.  We accept new pajamas from birth to teen and monetary donations are always appreciated.

 There are so many ways to help including a pajama party at a school, businesses having special events to raise pajamas or money, and turn a simcha into a mitzvah by asking for new pajamas instead of presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Bar/ Bas Mitzvahs, or any other special simcha.


ANY donation to this organization WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE!


Sweet Dreams for Kids

Sweet Dreams for Kids