Dear JGU Family:

If you have a few moments, check out the inspirational blogs, music and videos to get into the right mindset for the awesome day of Yom Kippur.  Our new editorial board will be posting much more after the Holidays. In the meantime, there are already many exciting and beautiful posts. You can learn from Sarah Katsof how we are Unlocking the Secrets of the Heart on Yom Kippur, Listen to a beautiful Avinu Malkeinu Piano Rendition by Riva Taksir, Watch a stunning video depicting the two most beautiful Poetic prayers recited on Yom Kippur . In case you missed Nechama’s Yom Kippur message titled Behind Closed Doors, read it to give you a whole new meaning to the final moments of Yom Kippur. We conclude Yom Kippur with the call of the Shofar and Neshama Sari relates why the Shofar is the Music of Hope!

Two of the treasures entrusted to Jewish women are the Mitzvot of Candle Lighting and Challah. They represent our important mission to add light to the world by doing mitzvot and to nourish others both spiritually and physically. Our latest posts include featured submissions from the Candle Lighting Contest, which ends on October 18. There is still time to SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY AND WIN PRIZES! {ACTION 1}

Our Holiday tables are adorned with the delicious Challah. Enjoy Challah food for thought and read several Challah stories. Ella Potash shares her father’s (o”bm) secret Challah recipe, Read My family and the Challey by Susan Axelrod, A Challah Tribute to Bubby Axelrod from our recent Beyond Bat Mitzvah Class. Watch a great Challah Tutorial by Shoshana C, and enjoy another post by Nechama called Meme’s Challah Recipe for Life. When you will be so inspired, you can TAKE THE CHALLAH CHALLENGE until Oct. 19, and watch the video that explains it all. {ACTION 2}

Don’t Forget to Check the Forum for more inspiration and SHARE yours too. We love the poem by Goldy Rosenfeld called ‘A Flickering Inheritance’. Don’t Forget to check out Chana Cohen’s Weekly Fitness Goal because a healthy body is a healthy soul! {Action 3}

May G-d provide all of our people with the ‘dough’ and ‘ingredients’ necessary to provide nourishment and bring light to our world in 5776!

With blessings for a year of Peace, Prosperity and Light! May you be inscribed in the book of life!

Nechama Laber, Susan Axelrod & Sarah Dennis (our new Editor in Chief)