I got to interview an amazing 16 year old named Costanza Di Veroli from Italy. It was so excited to learn so much about this country for my first editorial board job! I hope you all enjoy learning about Costanza’s hometown as much as I did.flag

(Yaldah)Y- Where do you live in Italy?

(Costanza) C- I live in the capital of Italy, Rome.

Y-How big is the Jewish community where you live?

C- The community has about 15,000 people

Y-What language do you speak at home?

C- At home we speak Italian.

Y-What is your favorite “Italian” food?

C- I love Italian pasta.

Y-What do you like to do in your spare time?

C- I love to go out with friends or to draw.

Y- What do you like and dislike about where you live?

C- I love the people, the food and the city in general, but I don’t like the traffic.

Y- What is the normal weather in Italy?

C- It’s very hot in the  summer and very cold in the winter.

Y- Do you have any special talents?

C- I love drawing.

Y- Where do you go to hang out with your friends?

C- We go to squares or centres together.

Y- Is there anything else you want to tell the Yaldah readers?

C- Come to visit Rome, it’s an amazing city! :D