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Voice of Sarah Writing Contest

Voice of Sarah Writing Contest

How does our 1st Matriarch Sarah inspire you? How do you carry on Sara’s legacy?

 Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Winners will be announced online Friday, November 2, 2018


1st Prize: $250 for the winner and $500 for your Jewish school/Synagogue

2nd & 3rd Prize: A Free Scholarship to the Jewish Girls Retreat ($500 Value)

Top 10 Winners: Shabbos Jewelry or Jewish Book

All entries will be published on www.jewishgirlsunite.com

100 winning entries will get published in the next JGU Book: Voice of Legacy.

All submissions become the property of JGU for future publication.
Use this submission form to enter:


  1. baina says:

    is this still going on?

  2. Tzipporah Prottas says:

    Hi Baina,
    Yes, the Voice of Sarah Writing Contest is still in full gear!
    The due date for girls’ compositions is February 28 of the new year 2018.
    We look forward to seeing everyone’s lovely entries, and hope you will enjoy participating in the making of this amazing book, too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. chaya gurevitz says:

    Am I allowed to submit more then one entry?

  4. chaya gurevitz says:

    when will we find out who won?

  5. chaya gurevitz says:

    when is the contest over?

  6. Maital Tzipporah Ledder says:

    Hi, I submitted something quite a few months ago, and I haven’t heard of any developments.
    Could you please tell me what is happening with the contest?

  7. Tzipporah Prottas says:


    Dear Chaya, Maital, and All JGU Students/”Voice of Sarah” Submitters-Who’ve-Been-Wondering:

    Greeting and blessing! We hope this finds you well, and that you had a pleasant Shabbos.

    The intent of this e-message is to update and inform you regarding our latest writing contest, for which many of you entered original compositions: “Voice of Sarah – How Does Our First Matriarch Inspire You?”

    Admittedly, the subject has been quieter over this past year and somewhat delayed, due to several major factors: the move of JGU Headquarters to a new location, the imminent publication of two new books by the JGU Press, and the birth of a new baby to the Laber family. Mazal Tov!

    We would like to thank you all, especially those who’ve inquired over recent months as to the contest’s activity, for your unflagging interest, tremendous patience, and invaluable support. It is our goal, b’ezrat Hashem, to announce the winners within the next four to six weeks! Meanwhile, submissions are undergoing final reviews by our panel of judges.

    G-d willing, we should merit only good news to share, and many new beginnings to celebrate!

    Jewish Daughters, future mothers and leaders: Continue to use the “voice of Sarah” within you to inspire others and bring light to the world; you’ve got the power!

    Wishing you a week of true goodness and blessing, and a happy and healthy summer!
    Tzipporah for Team JGU

    P.S. You may have also received an email from JewishGirlsUnite@gmail.com relaying a similar message, along with some info about our new online summer series and also upcoming Jewish Girls Summer Retreat. Shoot us an email or contact us via our website anytime to learn more. We invite you to explore the opportunities, and connect; we are always here for you, and are always delighted to hear from you. 🙂

  8. Malky Fox says:

    did you receive my submission?

  9. Tzipporah Prottas says:


    Hello Malky (on behalf of Chana Raizel?),

    Yes, your submission has just been received today.
    It will be added to the collection for our panel of judges to review, and posted on the JGU Blog, G-d willing within the next 24 hours.
    Thank you for entering the “Voice of Sarah” JGU Writing Contest!

    Shabbat Shalom!
    Tzipporah for Team JGU

  10. Tzipporah Prottas says:

    Yasher Koach, your composition has been posted on the Jewish Girls Unite Blog!

  11. Malkie Fox says:

    when will the winners be announced?

  12. We are working on it! We are aiming for Shabbos Parshas Chaya Sarah!!

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