By Moussie M.



A force

So strong.

Like a candle

When lit, we burn.

We strive, higher,

And higher,

In unity.


Shema Yisroel


Elokeinu Hashem


Yisroel, a nation,

of unity.

A unified heart,

trusting, in

Hashem. A full circle.


Candle, lighting,

each other.

One large family.

Am Echad.

The warmth spreads.


It is a candle.

Of unity.


Mountains behind her,
She stood by the shore,
Waves forming as the dawn breaks through.

Feelings pouring out,
Words from the heart,
As she cries out to her creator.

“Who am I, what am I?!
Will I ever be the same?
Can I ever add up,
Living up to my name?”

“Will a spark light up,
Lighting the way,
Paving a path before me?”

“Father,” she cries, “Stay away from me no more!
I can not bear it as before!”

What is that she sees,
Lighting up the skies,
Sparkling, shooting, sparks!
Now to her creator she cries!

“I am I, I am me?!
I can be the same!
I can add up,
And live up to my name!”

“A spark lit up,
And lit the way,
Paving a path before me!”

“A spark lit up,
And lit the way,
Paving the ground beyond me!”