By Chaiky R.

there’s trillions of snowflakes that make up a storm
that’s more than enough to make us keep warm
we gather together one girl with one heart
together enabled to each do our partthese trillions of snowflakes seem distant and cold
they really are special, so brave and so bold
to cause so much chaos, such trouble, such strife,
we find these things often throughout our whole life

these details that may seem annoying or wrong
are really just g-d given gifts keeping strong
they will turn out good in the end of the day
just look at your day in a positive way

and keep an eye out for the sun peeking in
and then when you see it you’ll surely begin
to see what had happened in way different light
and melt all those snowflakes and light up the night!

if trillions of snowflakes that make up a storm,
are just not enough to make you keep warm,
just think something good that has happened to you
and all of your blessings will come shining through!

there’s trillions of rays in the sunlight that shines
to conquer our sadness be rid of our whines
and when we are positive, happy, content,
our lives will improve to the greatest extent!

(shine your inner light/shadows fall away…)