Hello Readers!

This week, Jewish Girls Unite has had many new, intriguing articles and submissions from members around the globe!

Let’s take a peek at the growing selection of interesting content!

The Salmon of Yesteryear by Leia Resnick

Dear Beloved Daughters- A Letter from Sarah Imeinu by Emmy Simon

The Promise in Our Lights by Nora Yagolnitser – A WINNER

Need a Smile? We have the solution! Watch: Rivkah Feldman’s music video, “Smile!”

Unity – A Poem by Moussie M.

Last week, Jewish Girls Unite also had wonderful Chanukah related articles, videos, and even songs! All of this content is still available for your enjoyment!

I hope you all have a relaxing Shabbat and a fun weekend!

Your friend and editor,

Sarah Dennis :)