Chedva was confident in believing that Shosh was the person. But Eliana the guardian angel advised her not to make assumptions. “Maybe, you should interview some people who know Shosh.” Eliana suggested. Chedva’s knees went shaky at the thought of even waving hello at the people who associated with Shosh. Then she thought of Rina, Shosh’s friend. Rina seemed to be avoiding Shosh. “I wonder why…” Chedva mused, “I suppose I need to talk to her. And my new friend Leah.” “Great!” said Eliana enthusiastically, “We have a lead to witnesses! Now there they are!” she said, as she pointed across the hall. Rina and Leah had the lockers next to each other. “Okay,” thought Chedva, “here goes nothing.” She came over on the pretense of saying hello to Leah. Rina gave her a weird look, and asked, “Why do you talk to yourself? Do you have like, an imaginary friend?” Chedva dodged the question by changing the subject. “So… how is Shosh lately? I heard you two are great friends.” Rina gave a snort, “You heard wrong. Not since last summer.” “Oh?” said Chedva, “What happened?” “Well, we got invited to our friend Piper Skypeson’s pool party, and I wasn’t comfortable at all. In their house they have statues of idols and her mom does stuff she’s not supposed to be doing. The décor was completely against HaShem. Then Piper brings out these cards and board games with evil symbols on them. I pretended I had to use the bathroom every time it was my turn. Later on I told my mom and she told me I couldn’t hang out with Piper anymore. And Shosh got mad at me because my mom also told her mom, so she’s blaming me for the loss of our friend with the giant pool.” Chedva was shocked, “Why didn’t you girls just leave?” “Because,” Rina continued “Shosh didn’t want to, and we hadn’t gone swimming yet.” “You need to stop being so passive! You knew that it was wrong and you still didn’t stand up for what was right!” said Chedva. Rina looked a little guilty, and very offended. “Well, excuse me!” She sneered, and stalked away flipping her hair. Leah looked a little amused. “What was that all about?”