It was a sunny morning, and Chava didn’t feel like getting up from bed. Her alarm clock had been ringing for ten minutes, but Chava refused to wake up. Half an hour later, her mother comes into her room. She tells Chava she made waffles for breakfast, and in less than thirty seconds Chava was sitting down patiently around the kitchen table waiting for her mother to serve her waffles.

The waffles Chava’s mother made weren’t regular waffles; they were special waffles that tasted however you wanted them to taste.

Chava’s mother wouldn’t tell anyone the recipe of the special waffles; she wouldn’t even tell Chava or Grandma Miriam the recipe. Chava’s mother invented the recipe when she was twelve years old because for her Bat Mitzvah she made her own recipe book. The recipe book was the after-gift for all the ladies and girls that attended her Bat Mitzvah. When Chava’s mothers realized that her waffles weren’t regular waffles, she decided not to include the recipe in her recipe book, yet she made them all the time for her family and friends, and she even served them at her Bat Mitzvah.

As Chava ate her waffles that morning….


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