“What in the world?” Chedva spluttered. “I’m not-“
“Oh, little Chedva’s trying to act all innocent!” Shosh raised her eyebrows. “Just wait until she sees what happens when little girls lie,” Shosh continued, a sly grin spreading across her face.
At that moment, the bell signaling that school was about to begin, and the throngs of students who were still outside pushed their way into the large, red brick building. Chedva slowly followed the crowd, watching as frightened classmates stepped aside for Shosh to pass through. As Chedva stepped through the heavy metal doors, she noticed a small piece of a waffle lying on the ground. Bending down to pick it up, she heard gales of laughter coming from down the hall. Sliding the waffle into her pocket, she looked up and saw Shosh, surrounded by a group of followers. Shosh marched over and glared at Chedva.
“You little brat, you think you can just go and take food that is not yours?!”
Just then the assistant principal passed by and noticed the whole commotion.
“What’s going on, girls?” she asked in a stern voice. “Why aren’t you in class?”
Chedva opened her mouth to speak but Shosh beat her to it.
“I found Chedva taking my snack,” she proclaimed loudly. “She was trying to run away with it, and I would’ve let her have it, but today my mother made special waffles, just for me!”
The assistant principal took Chedva’s arm and began leading her down the hall.
“Shosh, go into class and tell the teacher you have an excused lateness. Chedva, come with me to the principal’s office.”
Chedva blinked in shock as she watched Shosh sailing happily down the hall.

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