The next day, Chedva walked to school. As she was about to open the door, she saw the guardian angel appear. She ran to her and started talking to her. The guardian angel said that she has to spy on Shosh. “Okay!”, Chedva said loud and cheery. Chedva forgot that she was the only one who could see the guardian angel and then she understood why some people were making confused faces every time they walked by her. After three full classes, the bell rang for lunch. Chedva was slowly walking behind Shosh when one of Shosh’s friends, Rina, came up to Chedva and asked her why she was slowly walking behind Shosh. Chedva made up some random excuse, and then walked away. During lunch, she saw Shosh laughing at her best friend Leah. Chedva had no doubt in her mind that Shosh was the bully!


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