“She can’t hear you. I just made us invisible for five minutes.”
Chedva looked around for the person who had spoke.
“You’re Chedva, right? I’m Eliana. I’m part of the Guardian Angels organization.”
So that wasn’t a strange dream! Chedva felt a little dizzy. Eliana was a sweet looking girl with a kind of heavenly glamour over her. She had reddish brown hair, with dark brown eyes, and very cool modest clothing.
“Are you the person Gabriel said I was supposed to meet?” asked Chedva
“Yep!” Eliana answered enthusiastically, “I’m an guardian angel in training!”
“Okay,” answered Chedva, “What are we supposed to be doing?”
“Well, as you must know from Gabriel’s message, there is a child here whose mind has been taken over by the Evil One. We need to find that child, and take the child to the synagogue where HaShem will help loosen the hold of the Evil One.”
“How can I help you guys?” asked Chedva,
“You need to confirm the reports of other angels who say a high number of children in the school are being bullied.”
“Totally!” answered Chedva quickly, “Shosh is the person who is doing most of the bullying.”
“But,” said Eliana, “Before we just assume it’s Shosh we must get the reports of people who knew Shosh, to see if they have noticed a change in her behavior towards other people.”
“I’ll ask some of the kids who know her if they’ve noticed anything,” Chedva said, she noticed that the invisibility was wearing off, and then the bell for the next class rang. “We should get to class,” said Eliana, “I’ll be invisible to everyone else except you.”
“Okay,” Said Chedva


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