However, Chedva’s waffle refused to obey her, and instead stood right up and danced a little bit while singing her favorite song, Yallili.

“How did you know that’s my favorite song?”, Chedva asked.

“I didn’t.” The waffle said.

Then, he said something that was really surprising, “Yallili is my favorite song too!”

Chedva gasped, how did this awkward waffle know all her favorite things? Was he going to tell everyone?

“Get control of yourself!” Chedva told the waffle proudly, “Don’t you have any idea that you’re not wearing any clothes and you don’t have a name!?”

Chedva grinned. Her mind felt like it was growing with all the ideas about how to dress the waffle and what to name the waffle. Now all she had to do was ask the waffle if he agreed with her idea, but as soon as she came over to him, he read her mind and said, “Don’t waist your time on dressing me and naming me. I already have a name.”

“So, what is your name?” She asked.

“Mr. Waffle Mania. “

“You should dress me by putting two eyes and a bow on me” he said.

Chedva turned around and blushed; there was a crowd of about 25 or 30 people crowding around them. She squinted and in the back of the crowd she saw Shosh sobbing.Chedva didn’t know why she was crying but she was uncomfortable seeing Shosh, a bully, crying.

So, Chedva went over to her and asked, “Why are you crying?”


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