Chedva stared in shock at the talking waffle.

“Wha—what are you?!”

The waffle levitated in the air for a few seconds, and then flew to her side. A robotic hand came out of the waffle and grabbed her arm, then dragged her into a janitor’s close.

“Uh… help?” Chedva whimpered

The waffle ignored her cries, and shut the door.
It suddenly began to blink several neon colors, and there was a ringing, like an old phone. Chedva looked around for the noise, and saw a button on the waffle. She pressed the button, and the waffle stopped blinking and a hologram popped out. And image of a male angel appeared.

“Uh, hello? Is this thing on?”
Chedva greeted the angel nervously.
“H- hi?”
“Oh, good. Is this Chedva?”
“Yes?” She asked hesitantly, observing the angel’s face.

It was a friendly and open face, which also looked noble and strong. He was wearing a long flowing robe. His hair was a hue of colors that no one could identify as one color. And his skin was caramel. His eyes were a heavenly blue.

“My name is Gabriel. I belong to an organization of guardian angels. We need your help Chedva.”

Chedva blinked and tried to process.

“H– how can I help you?”

Gabriel grinned.

“In this school there is up to 150 guardian angels. We need you help because Satan captured one of the children in this school. He has a hold on their mind, forcing them to do his works in small ways. Sometimes it is obvious because of the way they suddenly change their attitude towards other people. We need you to help us find out whose mind is captured. And we need you to bring that person to the synagogue, to learn and to loosen Satan’s hold on their mind. I hope you can help us. We will have an angel in training to help you. She should arrive after I leave, and will answer all your questions. Good bye, Chedva.”

A poof, and Gabriel had disappeared. In his place was a waffle, which was also a phone.

“Okaaay… I should get out of this closet…”

Chedva blinked in the sudden light.

“Hi!” a friendly voice exclaimed.


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