Chedva gulped nervously as the assistant principal, Mrs. Regato, led her into her office.

“Please sit down, Chedva,” she said, as Chedva shakily sat down.

“Chedva, do you know why you’re in the office?” Chedva shook her head and tears welled in her eyes.

“Mrs. Regato, I don’t know why! Shosh lied and made it seem like I was the problem. She took my waffle and-” Chedva burst out crying and was inconsolable.

“Please stop crying and tell me why you’re acting so emotional! I clearly saw that you were to blame, what are you talking about?!” Chedva wiped her tears, took a deep breath and began her story.

“Shosh may seem innocent but she really is to blame. You don’t want to be around her when she gets into one of her cruel moods. She lashes out at everyone who tries to talk to her, and calls everyone names. She’s a bully but no one knows it. I feel like I’m the only one who is suffering from Shosh, and today all started off on the wrong foot. Shosh saw I really liked my breakfast, which was waffles, so she grabbed it from me and sneered at me. Mrs. Regato, not everyone is as nice as they seem. Please understand this!”

Mrs. Regato nodded stiffly and replied,”I will have to look into this. In the meanwhile, stay away from Shosh and I will take care of the matter shortly. Go to class now.”

Chedva slowly got up, deep in thought and walked to her classroom. Slowly, she took out the small piece of waffle still stuffed into her pocket and suddenly, the waffle glowed a neon blue and dimmed slowly. Then it came back to life. “Hello”, said a robotic voice. Chedva’s eyes bulged and she jumped from surprise. She pinched her arm to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“Ahhhhh!” She covered her mouth and screamed. “What is the matter? Can I be of help to you?” Asked the waffle. “Y-you’re talking to me. This is not real. I know I’m dreaming, but…I don’t recall going to bed. How are you able to talk? After all, you’re a waffle!”