Without knowing Chedva took a piece of the waffles. Suddenly, she knew everything would be OK! She sat back and relaxed. But, her happiness was shortcoming. Chedva felt a pock on her back.

“Uhh Chedva? What are those you’re eating? Waffles?” Giggles.

Chedva gulped.

It was Shosh! Shosh was the class queen and a bully! What would she answer her?

“These are magical,” Chedva explained, “When you eat them you are blessed with good luck!”

Shosh giggled.

“So come on give me a piece… I haven’t studied for my midterms! Maybe these Waffles will give me a stroke of luck!” She said sarcastically.

With that note, she yanked the waffles out of Chedva’s hand and pocketed them.

“Say goodbye to your ‘magical’ waffles!” She said with a giggle and turned to talk to the girl sitting next to her.

‘What a perfect way to start the day’ Chedva thought sadly. When she arrived at school she heard Shosh whisper to her friend.

“I love Waffles!” and started eating her waffles.
Suddenly, Shosh saw Chedva, her eyes darkened and she said “Don’t you dare……


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