by Moussie M.

As we know, salmon, when going back to their birthplace in order to lay eggs, must go against the tide, so to speak. The rushing flow of the waterfalls, rivers, oceans, and seas are almost humanly impossible to brave. But the salmon must, and do, brave it. For in order to lay their eggs, and bring on a new generation of salmon, they have to. The salmon use their fins to jump over falls, obstacles, and most importantly, avoid predators.

Now, think about Avraham Avinu. He recognized G-d at the young age of 3, only to smash his father’s idols a short time later. How much strength did this take? What were his ‘fins’? His strength only came about from G-d. His firm commitments in the one above were his fins. So too, we are challenged with society. Look around you. What you see is the world we live in, the world where rivers of glamor, lakes of fashion, oceans of celebrities, and the sea of secular beliefs swirl around, threatening to overcome us. Many are overcome, but we still prevail. Remembering Avraham’s tests, the ten tests which he passed with faith in G-d, how can anyone give up? Will his willpower and persistence be in vain? Will we allow the outside world to affect us so deeply? Will we go against the tide and stand up for our beliefs, or give in to those around us and head downstream? Only you can answer that truthfully.