“No,” said Aunt Rifka. No one was able to understand how Shayna really felt. She felt really sad that her cousin did not know that her friend at school was her cousin. Shayna was sorry about the way she behaved because after all, Baily wasn’t lying. Shayna decided to make a sorry card. She stayed up the entire night decorating the card and making it extra beautiful! For the cover there was a picture of Shayna’s and Baily’s matching necklaces and a bubble letter. “Sorry” was written above, and on the word “sorry” there was a lot of glitter. Inside the letter Shayna wrote:

Dear Baily,
Yesterday I just figured out we were cousins. I got really mad at you because I thought you were lying that you had the same necklace as me. Then, my Aunt told me the whole story. She said she had a twin and she died when I was born, and then my Aunt Rifka’s twin put her baby up for adoption and you are the baby so you are my cousin!
Sorry again,

Shayna felt good about saying sorry to Baily. But then…