Shaya laid with her face down in her pillow for a long time. Aunt Rifka came in the bedroom, with supper.
“I heard what happened.” Aunt Rifka quietly said,
“Bailey is lying! I didn’t even know she had a necklace like mine! In fact I didn’t even know she had a necklace…”
“Bailey isn’t lying, because she DOES have a necklace like yours,” whispered Aunt Rifka.

“Huh?” asked Shaya, “What are you talking about?”
“You know I used to have a twin sister, right?” asked Aunt Rifka.
“Yes, she died when I was born.” answered Shaya.
“A few months before she died she had put her newborn baby up for adoption.”
said Aunt Rifka.

“What?! You never told me that!” gasped Shaya,
“Yes, and, that newborn baby is your friend Bailey,” continued Aunt Rifka… “and, your grandmother gave me two necklaces. She wanted me to give them to the first two granddaughters that were born.”

Shaya was stunned by this news. “Bailey is my cousin?” she whispered, “How can you tell the difference between the necklaces?” she asked.
“The necklaces are mesuzahs with verses inside of them. The verses are different for both of you.” answered Aunt Rifka.

Shaya had one more question… “Does Bailey know?”