Shayna thought and thought. She did not know what to do because she didn’t want to tell Miriam Ester that she had a fear of dogs. Her fear was kind of childish and she didn’t want anybody calling her a baby. It is very interesting that psychology has it that every personality that a human has comes from something that happened to them. For example, Shayna’s fear of dogs had to come from somewhere. Well, it all happened three years ago when her mom took her to their local animal shelter that she used to work at. Shayna and her sister wanted to adopt a cute little dog named Coco, but as they were walking into the shelter, Coco jumped onto Shayna from the back and bit her. Ever since then Shayna has terrified of dogs. As she was lost in her thoughts, the doorbell rang. She opened the door to see her best friend Bailey standing there with Miriam Esther! “How could this be happening”, Shayna thought to herself. Shayna did not know what to say because both of them looked upset. “Shayna,” shouted Bailey “how could you have put signs up about my missing necklace and taken it as if it was yours?!”. Shayna was shocked. How could her best friend be lying in front of her face? Bailey made up the biggest lie about her. Shayna closed the door on her, and went crying up to her room….3046590365_how_to_catch_a_liar_xlarge