Miriam Esther sighed and said, “Shayna, first, let me tell you a story. One day, I was walking around my dogs. It was rainy morning. Suddenly, my dogs start running very quickly and I don’t know why. I start screaming to them to please stop, but they keep running to this big, beautiful tree. When we get to the tree, one of my dogs grabs a necklace. It was beautiful. I knew that the owner of the necklace was for sure looking for it, but I wasn’t sure who it could be. I never saw any of my friends wearing it, so I was just going to ask everyone I knew if they had lost a necklace. A few days later, I see all the signs you put up all over the town. I was so happy when I finally found you, the owner of the necklace, because I knew that the owner should have been super devastated about loosing this beautiful necklace.”
Shayna was thrilled that Miriam Ester had found her necklace. She gave her a big hug and told her thank you a million times. Then, Miriam Esther invited Shayna and her entire family for Shabbat, but Shayna wasn’t sure if she should go because she was scared of dogs but she knew that she could reject Miriam’s invitation because she had been so nice to her this entire time….