When the phone rang, her mother picked up. Shayna watched her mother’s face during the short conversation. First it was a little doubtful, then it turned to concern as her mother turned to Shayna, holding out the phone. “It’s for you.” She said, holding out the phone to Shayna. Shayna took it and cautiously.

“Hello?” Shayna said into the speaker.
“Hi. This is Miriam Esther, from Boston.” A voice said.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know any Miriam Esthers.” Shayna said, expecting the voice to apologize and hang up.
“She said she knew something about your necklace.” Shayna’s mother whispered from across the kitchen. Shayna’s immediately paid attention to what the voice was saying.
“…I saw a sign saying something about a lost necklace and this number was on the sign and there was also the name Shayna- is this Shayna?”
“Yes, this is Shayna.”
“Did you lose a beautiful necklace? “

Miriam Esther went on to describe the necklace in detail, but before she was even finished, Shayna interrupted, her voice catching in her throat.

“Yes, that’s my necklace. Do you know where it is? Do you know anything about it?”
Please let her have my necklace; please let her have my necklace, thought Shayna over and over again.
“I found that necklace. But I wanted to ask you a favor.”
“Oh, thank goodness you called, I’ve been so worried about the necklace, Thank you so much…” And then the second part of what Miriam Esther said processed. “Yes, of course, what did you want to ask?” Shayna said gratefully, willing to give almost anything to get her necklace back.
Miriam Esther sighed and said, “Shayna, first, let me tell you a story……”